Remember as a child waking up from the Nightmares? Not being able to open your eyes, because you knew that your worst dreams had followed you back into your world.  You could almost feel the warm moist breath saturating your skin. Or hear the Midway music playing from outside your window and hear the faint laughs of the demented evil clowns that were fearlessly chasing you. The Old chapel that once stood for Holy ground, that is now ran down and nothing more than a shack that holds the horrors of the wrongly accused and looking for revenge. The walks alone in the Dark, past the Graveyard that is still maintained by the old crypt keeper. All these nightmares, and more are brought to you this season at...DEADLY CORN!!! You will never sleep sound again....

Kansas City's BEST haunted corn maze!  This is our time for Lafayette county. Double in size, but still same low price. 

WHERE: 18141 Ozark ln. Higginsville,MO. 64037

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